Mr. Carlos Kavros - Boring USDMulti-Billionaire

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My First, Introductory (And Probably Boring), Post


My name is Mr. Carlos Kavros. I was born in Athens, Greece on Wednesday 12th March 1969. From Tuesday 18th March 1969 I lived in the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - and I was primarily educated there. In 1985 I moved to the United States of America. In September 1991 I started a law degree at New York University Law School, N.Y.C, U.S.A. In July 1995 I graduated from same with a LL.M. (also to me is an M.Sc.) law degree. In April 1996 I graduated from same with a Ph.D. law degree. (Whilst in the Royal Kingdom of Saudia I acquired an M.Sc. engineering degree).

My first ancestor was female and she was named Virgin Kavros.

I have chosen to call myself a boring USDMulti-Billionaire because I am of net-worth circa USD13.4BN, but I live a bum life!

Do not fear, I am not a hoax - I was in the October 1993 and October 1995 editions of U.S.A.'s Fortune Magazine as of net-worth more than USD10BN, and I still am but I am living a bum life because of bum circumstances forced onto me, and I must suffer them for a little while longer.

I intend to post some of my bum ideas about my bum life here, occasionally, so maybe you should check me out, occasionally.

I have another blogsite that you may (or may not) like to read through; check me out in more detail there.

Today is Sunday 10th September 2006 and I am sited in an Internet parlour in north London, England - a country that I do not want to be in (I have a passport obstruction).